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Sabre Stun Gun Light

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Gerber Scout Tactical Knife

The Scout is part of the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series gear. This collaboration brings together Gerber's 70+ years of knife and gear expertise with Bear Grylls' extensive outdoor survival and adventure experience to create a one-of-a-kind knife.

About PDS

I developed a keen interest in self defense when obtaining my Private Investigator License and have continued in trying to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to best

protect myself and family.Through the process of starting Perimeter Defense Systems and designing and manufacturing the Defender Tripwire Alarm, I have tried to help others

gain that same knowledge and share some of the unique tools and gear that I have discovered along the way. In todays crazy world it is crucial that everyone at least

know the basic home defense stratagies outlined below.



When creating your personal defense strategies think in terms of layers. If your plan is to just try to take out anyone who dares enter your home uninvited it likely wont work

out well for you in most cases. However, if you carefully layer your defenses they probably will never even get into your home, and if they do you will know how to best minimize

harm and stop the threat. There are three main components of an effective security plan in order to protect yourself and those you love.



It all starts with the perimeter which extends from your front door to the edge of your property. This is the area where your going to stop most intruders. You’ll do this by

establishing the risk versus reward question? You want the intruder to believe that the risk of going further won’t be worth the reward in doing so. Increasing the perceived risk

such as having dogs, signs indicating alarm service monitoring, and installing simple perimeter defense systems to help deter will all be in your best interests as the intruder

may decide to completely bypass your home and seek out easier targets elsewhere.



The next layer is your structure. This is your home itself. You need the strongest doors, windows, and locks you can afford. You’re still working on the risk versus reward. The

more effort required to break into your home, the less desirable it will be. Good exterior lighting, particularly motion activated lights will go a long way toward deterring intrusions when dark. Practicing good situational awareness is also very important. Sometimes burglars and others wishing you harm will watch a house for days in order to see how close your paying attention to everything around you. If they notice that you’re constantly on alert to possible threats, they may just decide it isn’t worth the risk.



The final layer is your personal safety. If an intruder has made it through your perimeter and entered your home you should try to do everything necessary to defend yourself

and your family. In most cases, it is my belief that there are not many substitutes for a quality handgun for self defense. And, Just as important is the frequent training necessary

in order to use it safely and effectively. Research the self defense laws in your area to see what actions are acceptable for defending yourself and property. Positioning pepper

sprays near your doorways and in other strategic locations in your home is a good option if uncomfortable with firearms. Learning martial arts and other types of self defense

training techniques such as vulnerable striking points, and defending against blade attacks can prove to be very worthwhile. Just think about it, you might find yourself unarmed

at the worst possible moment and any advantage over your attacker is going to be critical, and it may even save your life.


It's important that you take a moment and peel back the onion and take a careful look at your plan to protect your home and family. Do you have a layered defense system

in place? What kind of changes are needed?


Stop intruders before they reach your door. Hear them coming and scare them off with our top rated Defender tripwire alarms & be prepared with our tactical self defense survival gear.











According to a United States Department of Justice report 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions


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